For Sale: Hughes 269A / Schweizer 300

Also known as the Hughes 300, this aircraft was completely rebuilt from top to bottom in 1997, including new engine. (It was originally built in 1968 as a military TH55, but the majority of the parts were replaced in 1997). Excellent condition. Great component times. Immaculate logs. Low tiered instrument panel for exceptional visibility. Includes cargo basket, covers, wheels.


Being an exceptionally stable helicopter, over 60,000 Army pilots had trained on TH-55 making it the Army’s longest serving training helicopter. New pilots can typically learn to hover in 2-3 hours in the Hughes, versus 8-12 hours in the Robinson helicopter.

In 1964, the Hughes 269 set an endurance record of flying continuously for 101 hours. To set the record, two pilots took turns piloting the aircraft and hovered in ground-effect for fueling. To ensure no cheating, eggs were affixed to the bottom of the skid gear to register any record-ending landing.

Between Hughes and Schweizer, and including foreign-licensed production civil and military training aircraft, nearly 3,000 copies of the Model 269/300 have been built and flown over the last 50 years.


Component Times

Component Times 213HT Exelfile