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I offer a thorough introduction to more advanced helicopter training: turbine preflight, limitations, start-up/shut-down and emergency procedures specific to a turbine powered helicopter. Turbine helicopter experience is necessary for anyone who wants to expand their experience to the next level, and is almost always required for those wanting to make a career of helicopter flying.

The startup and operation of a turbine powered helicopter is much more critical and potentially damaging to the aircraft and engine then that of a piston aircraft, if operated incorrectly. An improper start-up or improper power management can cause an over temperature situation, which can easily cost from $40,000 to $130,000 dollars or more.

There is no specific FAA certification for turbine transition in the U.S., but due to the fact that the operation is far less forgiving than that of a piston aircraft, most operators will not hire a pilot without turbine experience. The turbine aircraft used “in house” is the Bell 206 Jet Ranger, but training can also be done in your personal aircraft as well, with years of experience in many models by Bell, Eurocopter, MD helicopters and others.

In addition to turbine transition training and turbine time building, I offer instrument training, CFIand CFII training. For those with no prior experience, or piston helicopter training in the Robinson, Bell, Enstrom, Hiller, Hughes, and Schweizer helicopters, take a look at the Helicopter Training page.

Advanced Helicopter Training is done primarily out of the Van Nuys airport, Van Nuys, CA, but the aircraft can be flown to and from many of the surrounding local airports, such as Burbank airport, Whiteman airport, Santa Monica airport, El Monte airport, Compton airport, Hawthorn airport, Ontario airport and others.

Advanced Helicopter Training

Advanced Helicopter Training

Advanced Helicopter Training

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