I am not a sightseeing tour company, or instructing just to build my own flight time. I have over 20 years experience and thousands of hours as a pilot and instructor. My goal is train people and see them develop into the safest and most professional pilots that they can be.

Whether their goal is strictly as a hobby for the pure joy of flying, or working towards a career in aviation, my reward is to see someone go from taking their first baby steps, to flying like a confident, seasoned pro.

In all the years of giving instruction, whether primary first time beginners, or advanced instrument Certified Flight instructors, my students have a 100% safety record, and I have NEVER had a student fail a check ride! (The check ride is the final test with an FAA examiner in order to be awarded your official pilots license).

Everyone learns at a different pace, and absorbs information in different ways. I like to find what works with each individual and build on it. When I dedicate my time to someone, we set a goal and accomplish it.

Randy Waldman CFII-H & CFII-A

Excerpt from General Aviation News – December 21, 2001

Randy Waldman flies to escape the music business

High above his high-pressure world of a Hollywood musician, Randy Waldman uses flying for relaxation and to enjoy what he calls a whole other mindset. A piano prodigy since childhood, Waldman has been immersed in music his whole life. “All I ever did from the time I was 5 was play the piano,” he recalls. “”There was no thought of doing anything else.”About 15 years ago after watching people people flying radio-controlled airplanes and helicopters at a local field, he was hooked. Waldman went on to earn his commercial, multiengine, instrument fixed-wing ratings, and his commercial and flight instructor helicopter ratings.

Waldman currently gives helicopter instruction as a freelance instructor at local airports around Southern California, which allows him to complement his two passions, music and flying. “After working all day in the recording studios, it’s great to get out to the airport and fly. I love getting to look at the studios from above instead of looking out from inside!” Waldman has owned and sold a Mooney 201 airplane and a 1957 Bell 47 helicopter. He instructs in a Hiller 12C, A Bell 47, an Enstrom F-28, a Robinson R-22, a Bell OH-58 and an Alouette 319B. For fun he sometimes flies a Piaseki H-21, a 20-seat tandem-rotor military helicopter.